Why don't I have any water?
Has someone turned the main valve off? There may be a water main break. Is your bill current, if not it may have been shut-off for a past due amount. The previous owner/tenant discontinued service and you will have to fill out a water/sewer contract for service in your name.

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1. When is my water/sewer bill due?
2. Why is my bill so high?
3. How much is the late fee and can it be waived?
4. My neighbor's bill is not as high as mine?
5. Why don't I have any water?
6. Why do I have to fix the pipes and/or leaks in my yard? Isn't that the utilities responsibility?
7. How can I find out what's in my water?
8. Why do I have brown water?
9. What forms of payment do you accept?
10. Will I be charged for water/sewer when I fill my pool?