401 Tompkins Street

R. O. Hicks House

After coming to Citrus County in 1886 from Tennessee, Robert O. Hicks built this house for his family in 1900. Members of the Hicks Family have been the only residents of the house, with Bessie Hicks being the most recent resident, who taught elementary school for many years.

The house was uniquely designed with an octagonal roof with the belief that the structure could therefore weather hurricanes. This home is possibly the oldest home remaining in Inverness. The only changes to the house have been the addition of the front porch and two bathrooms. The spacious high-ceiling living room, dining room and kitchen have remained unaltered.

401 Tompkins St pic - 2022

The house was constructed of solid heart of pine lumber and surrounded by the original fence. The Hicks family continues to operate a successful orange grove in the city near the Gospel Island Bridge.

401 Tompkins St plaque 1 - 2022
401 Tompkins St plaque 2 - 2022