Public Works

Water Reclamation Facility The Department of Public Works is responsible for functions critical to preserving the City infrastructure, including water meter maintenance and preserving common areas such as streets, sidewalks, fire hydrants, stormwater drains and basins, and road right-of-ways. Department staff is also responsible for working with private contractors in the collection of solid waste, and to provide water and wastewater services.

This department also maintains landscape and facilities of common areas, such as City parks other than Whispering Pines, road medians and easements/right-of ways.

 Public Works Director

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  • Produced and treated more than 423 million gallons of water for residents, schools, medical community, businesses and restaurants during the 2012 calendar year.
  • Upgraded the roof and doors at the Citrus Avenue water plant facility.
  • Upgraded three sewer system pumping stations to include new pumps and electrical panels.
  • Maintained more than 70 miles of paved roadways.
  • Through two grants from the Division of Forestry, completed inventory of City street trees and trees in City parks.
  • Administratively coordinated support for residential and commercial waste disposal for 2890 residences and 340 businesses.
  • Maintained storm drains, catch basins and drainage retention areas through out the city.
  • Maintained roadway easements and 46 city owned lots by mowing, trimming and clearing sidewalks of residual debris.
  • Read over 4,400 water meters per month.
  • Completed an average of 250 work orders per month.
  • Replaced over 350 water meters to improve performance of the water system.
  • Maintained fire hydrants by scheduled flushing and replaced 4 units.
  • Inventoried and mapped all fire hydrant locations served by city water lines for quick reference during emergency conditions.