Covid Relief Grant Programs

Inverness Special Event & Cultural Arts Grant Program – Covid Relief

The City is encouraging businesses and organizations to submit event proposals that deliver vibrant events that engage the community and enhance the quality of life for its residents and community at large. 

This program is designed to be flexible in that it allows individuals, nonprofits, and businesses to apply, and is open to City owned locations or business locations. The program is intended to provide funding for a variety of events and cultural arts programs with the city matching up to 80 percent of allowable costs. 

Interested entities will complete an initial questionnaire to determine the event is held in the City and will help support quality of life or bolster activity in the community. Once the initial questionnaire is submitted staff will review it. If the event proposed meets the initial threshold, the event organizer will be emailed a grant application to complete. Staff will review the grant application for overall character, expected attendance and proposed budget. 

Interested parties will complete Initial Questionnaire Online  or submit the seven questions below directly in an email to


  1. Is your event held in the City of Inverness? 
  2. Do you plan to host the event in a city venue, park or downtown?
  3. Does your event utilize one or more businesses in the city?
  4. Is this event open to the public or a private event? 
  5. Do you or your organization have the ability to partner financially on this proposal?
  6. Does this event have a positive impact on the local economy?
  7. Please describe your event in one-page or less

Please reply and send all questions to No phone call please. City will review. Applicants meeting initial criteria will be asked to complete the grant application.

Contact Email

No phone calls please