Vendor to the City

Bids and Proposals

The bid and proposal process is used on large, one time purchases. A document is written by the city which defines the requirements and specifications needed relative to the product desired, and the qualifications of the contractor. Once you have completed the requirements and specifications it is important you mail or deliver the information as specified in the document. All packages must be received by the City of Inverness within the time stated. Anything received later than the time specified will not be accepted.

Festivals and Events

If you are a vendor interested in one of our events or festivals, you can fill out the Vendor Information form found here.

Everyday or Reoccurring Purchases

You can submit an application online, or mail one to our office. A completed W-9 form must accompany your application.You can mail or fax the completed W-9 to the Finance department. This does not automatically add you to our vendor list. All vendor applications are forwarded to our various departments and must be approved by a department director before becoming a vendor for the city.
  • Download W-9 Form [PDF]