General Genealogy

General Genealogy sessions is a 5 week class for $25.00. Pre-Registration and payment are required prior to the start of this class. Classes are held every Wednesday at Whispering Pines Park Recreation Building from 10 am - 12 noon.  Classes are from  February 7 through March 7, 2018.  Register online or at the Administration Office in Whispering Pines Park located at the Pool Complex for this class or contact us at 726-2611 ext 1308.

Want to find your long lost relatives in the history books? Jackie Reiss will show you how to find those relatives that you can't find or didn't know about! Your family may have a 'royal" background, your long lost relative could be a famous bank robber, inventor or, you may have a family history that is interesting in other ways. Join Jackie on the road to discovery as you delve into your family's past! $25 per session (5 classes)

Class Registration

Pre-registration is encouraged and can be done online or by downloading the registration form, which provides in. Additional questions can be directed to the Parks and Recreation Administration Office at the Inverness Government Center by dialing 352-726-3913 or via email.