City Charter, Ordinances/Codes & Comprehensive Plan

The Code of Ordinances, Land Development Code and Comprehensive Future Land Use Plan set the parameters in which the City of Inverness operates. Each section and document is a building block, beginning with the Charter that establishes the governing body and territorial limits, followed by the ordinances and codes that apply within the city limits and complimented by the plan for future land development.

The Sections

  • City Charter, Part I of the Code of Ordinances, covers the boundaries of the City government, including the authority granted to officials and charter officers.
  • City Code of Ordinances, Part II of the Code includes detail chapters of rules that apply within the city limits; topics ranging from the building code and utility services, to tree preservation and sidewalks.
  • Land Development Code section establishes the day to day controls to ensure the development of Inverness follows the approved Comprehensive land Use Plan. The rules and operation of the City Boards & Committees, as well as regulations related to plan reviews and occupational licensing are covered.
  • Comprehensive Plan covers the plans for future land use, as well as learning about the planning process, who participates and the decisions made. The Data and Analysis portion of the document provides supporting facts and information obtained during the development of the plan.