Inverness Mayor

  1. Mayor Bob Plaisted

    Bob Plaisted


    Comfortable and confident in being called simply "Mayor Bob", it all began in New Hampshire, where he was born. After serving in the United States Navy, he settled in Florida. Before moving to Inverness in 1990, Mayor Bob lived in Tampa where he raised his son. Starting with his youth and continuing throughout his adult life, Mayor Bob has traveled the world. The experiences provide him with interesting stories and insight that he enjoys relating to others. 

    After selling his successful rental business, Mayor Bob moved to Inverness where he married and, with his wife, raised two daughters. He was elected to City Council in 1999 and elected Mayor in 2004. In 2020 he was honored by FLC for 20+ years of public service as an elected official. 

    Very active in his official capacity as Mayor, he is also highly involved in his church, First Baptist of Inverness, as well as many non-profit charitable organizations. You are sure to see "Mayor Bob" around town. Say "Hello"! He's never too busy to share a smile and a big Hello in return. 

  1. Bob Plaisted


  2. Crystal Lizanich

    Councilmember Seat One
    Phone: (352) 726-2611 x 1007

  3. Jacquie Hepfer

    Councilmember, Seat Two
    Phone: (352) 726-2611 x 1007

  4. Gene Davis

    Councilmember, Seat Three
    Phone: (352) 726-2611 x 1007

  5. Cabot McBride

    Councilmember, Seat Four
    Phone: (352) 726-2611 x 1007

  6. Linda Bega

    Councilmember, Seat Five
    Phone: (352) 726-2611 x 1007