City Garden

Inverness Community Garden

To serve as a resource to grow, educate and harvest the working hands of the community.

The City Garden opened on April 20, 2018. There are 22 organic growing beds with a composting bin. The member Gardeners have access to the garden between sunrise and sunset. Visitors are more than welcome to visit the garden when the gate is open. 


Margaret, one of our garden members across this very useful website that allows you to enter the size of your bed and it divides it into a 1x1 square foot grid. Then you drag and drop what you want to plant. It tells you how many seeds you can plant, how deep, spacing, sun/shade requirements, and more. Great tool to use to help in your garden planning.  Thank you Margaret for sharing!

Grow your vegetables in the Community Garden

Garden Membership and Garden Box

Being a Community Gardener through our membership program plays a vital role in the success of the garden.  The membership fee of only $35 annually will help sustain the day to day operation and supplies for the garden  Our Community Gardeners are welcomed to become active in the garden with daily maintenance or take part in our educational elements of teaching our youth about farm to table, planting and harvesting and lend experience to our committees.  Anyone can rent one of our Garden Grow Boxes for only $50 annually to plant, grow and harvest vegetables for themselves or family.  Don't know a lot about gardening? We will have educational classes on the basics of gardening coming in the Fall of 2018. Please visit our membership application, complete the form with payment and mail to: City of Inverness, 212 W. Main Street, Inverness and we will contact you.

Volunteer Opportunities
The City of Inverness vision was to build a community garden for all to get involved with to help educate our children and adults about nutrition and healthy food choices. Today, the vision has become a reality and along with volunteers, our community garden will have a very positive impact in our community. Volunteers are always needed whether it is for garden maintenance, being a tour guide, helping educate our children with our learning programs or serving with others on our committees to continue our vision for the garden. Please visit our volunteer application, complete the form  and one of our Garden Committee members will contact you. Remember, it takes an entire community to grow the village.  For more information about being a volunteer, email us at 

Thank you to our Sponsors!

Landmark Realty, Southern Event Catering and Barbecue, Bluewater Drafting and Dillon's Cinnamon Sticks Restaurant supports the goal of "back to basics" approach to the educational values of a healthy lifestyle and affordable food choices.  They have shown support of the community garden by being a sponsor and helping us educate our youth and teach our adults about farm to table gardening!  A business or individual may sponsor a garden bed for a youth organization to cultivate, learn and harvest. A restaurant or deli can sponsor a section of the garden to produce their own vegetables or herbs for their eatery. There are several sponsorship levels available, click onto sponsorship application to review and decide your level of support!  Thank you sponsors!