Whispering Pines Park Trails

Mountain Bike Trail at Whispering Pines Park

Thanks to volunteer workers from the Citrus Shredders, course design and construction of a Mountain Bike Trail at Whispering Pines City Park was made possible.

The trail is a one-way roundtrip 2 1/2 mile route through the park, with trailhead entry/exit located near the parking area of the Recreation Building. Due to the more natural terrain and for your safety, riders should wear helmets.

Whispering Pines City Park Walking and Jogging Trails

Trails of varying lengths stretch through 290 acres of forest with parking, water fountains and restroom facilities conveniently located throughout the park. Joggers and walkers find the trails to be uniquely refreshing, offering the coolness of forest shade during summer months and the crispness of leaves and pine needles in winter. All trails are monitored by park staff.  

  • Yellow is 2.3 miles with its trailhead near the Whispering Pines City Park Pool Facility. This popular trail winds its way through the entire park touching every other trail in its path.
  • Blue is a swift mile, for a great lunch hour work out.
  • Red and Green are a gentle seven tenths of a mile, perfect for an afternoon stroll.
  • The Perimeter trail is the longest trail at 2.9 miles, encircling the park and offering access/parking from two major entry roads: Forest Drive Park Entrance and State Road 41 North.

If your walking companion happens to be a four legged pooch, pets are allowed.  For safety reasons, your pet must be leashed and please be prepared to pick up after them. Our convenient and easily accessible waste stations will help with this process and are located throughout the park.

Whispering Pines Park Map

State Trails in Inverness

Whispering Pines City Park proudly encompasses one of the 1,400 miles of the Florida National Scenic Trail. Serving as a Gateway Community, visiting hikers will find an orange blazed trail connecting them to Inverness and communities beyond.

A discussion of biking, hiking or walking trails can't be complete without specifically mentioning the Withlacoochee State Trail. Over 40 miles long, this 5 star trail provides nature at its best, with stop along points, like Inverness, for a satisfying lunch downtown.