Inverness City Parks

Within the City of Inverness, there are over 300 acres of park facilities in operation, offering activities for all ages. While the larger facilities house most of the amenities, there are small neighborhood parks sprinkled throughout the city limits perfect for picnics or a short outside getaway.

Parking and general admission to City Parks is free. In fact, use of many of the facilities within the parks are free. For large parties, weddings or special events, citizens can reserve park facilities; otherwise, use is on a "first come/first serve" basis.

Each park has it's own feel and flavor; however, there is one thing in common with all city parks. No alcoholic beverages are allowed.

Activity City Park/Facility
Fish from Land Wallace Brooks, Cooter Pond
Canoe/Kayak launch Cooter Pond (Mill St), Wallace Brooks shoreline
Motorized Boat Hwy 44E Boat ramp; N Apopka boat ramp
Walking/Jogging/Bicycling Whispering Pines, Liberty, Wallace Brooks
Walk the Dog** Leashed dogs permitted throughout our Parks
Children's Playground Wallace Brooks, Whispering Pines
Swimming Pool, Water playground In season at Whispering Pines
Classes Whispering Pines 
Volleyball (sand) courts Liberty
Tennis, racquetball & basketball courts (lighted for evening play) Whispering Pines
Shuffleboard courts Wallace Brooks
Disc golf Whispering Pines
Athletic fields (baseball, softball, kickball, flag football, etc) Whispering Pines
Picnic Any City park

**More about Pets in Parks
.  For the safety and enjoyment of all patrons, we ask that pet owners use our pet stations that are located throughout our parks.