Inverness Government Center Most, but not all operations, are conducted at the Inverness Government Center, but every functional area of the City has a representative in the building to help provide what you need. 
With exception of the City Clerk, all employees report to the City Manager, whose has the responsibility to direct, coordinate and oversee the quality and deliverable of all tasks and services from water quality to large scale projects. The City service program includes: providing water, wastewater, sanitation, road and storm water, sidewalk and curbside maintenance, recreational facilities, plus more.  Police and Fire Protection are provided by County Government.
Administration: Directs the totality of City operations.  City Council sets policy and Administration coordinates the implementation of Council directives. Human Resources, City Events and Informational Technology staff are part of the Administration department.
Community Development: Directs the physical growth of the City; plans and manages Land Development Code in an orderly manner to the benefit of the residents, businesses and industry in the community.

Event & Visitor Bureau: This department promotes and markets the City of Inverness by way of events and marketing campaigns. Visit

Finance: Manages treasure operations; invests assets and tracks funds, accountable for receivables and payments, ranging from budgeting to payroll, festival and event activity, to utility billing and collection for water and sewer services.

Parks & Recreation: land and natural resource management is the primary objective.  Works with organized adult and youth organizations.  Programs activities; trains, educates and oversees aquatics, ball field and turf activity.  Maintains and manages playgrounds, user permits; performs trash collection, and maintains above and below ground infrastructure.  The Department is the community connection for competitive sports, instructional classes, passive leisure, and structured programs at Whispering Pines Park and all City Park Facilities.

Public Works: Oversees the operation and upkeep of roads, sidewalks, storm water infrastructure, utility water and wastewater facilities, manages the urban forestry program, performs maintenance at small parks, community beautification and partners with the solid waste contractor and utility operations contractor.

Law Enforcement: Services are provided by contact with the Citrus County Sheriff's Office.